Monday, January 16

Down the pan

Here’s the rubble of what once was one of the two remaining public toilets on Walney Island. This for an island with a population of at least twelve thousand people, swelled by many more in the summer months with holidaymakers. The only other public toilet is in a remote part of the island and in a filthy derelict condition. What sort of council have we got demolishing toilets when they ought to be building new ones?
No doubt they will blame vandalism but I should think a c.c.t.v camera would be less than the cost of the demolition.
It makes it very difficult not just for us taxi drivers but for delivery drivers and others who are on the road all day. What must visitors to the island think when they go in search of a public toilet only to be told ,sorry we knocked it down.

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Bill said...

I cant understand this council. They are trying to promote Barrow and get people to visit it and at the same time remove all the toilet facilities. For a town with a population of 70,000 plus visitors and workers as well as tourists and holiday makers that they are trying to atract as well as shoppers then why have the council not replaced the toilets they knocked down and why is their only one toilet in the town that is locked after 5pm.