Friday, January 20

The Dane

Picked up a Danish chap today he's working as an engineer on the Morecambe bay wind farm project. He has worked all over the world and was telling me about his travels and the projects he has worked on. Anyway the talk got around to the fact that he was about to retire. I asked him what he would do with his spare time, and did he have any hobbies to concentrate on. Well he said” I am a hunter but I will have to get a new dog first I had to shoot my old dog it was ill” I looked at him but he looked deadly serious This made me think how many English folk would even consider shooting there pets no matter how ill they were. I have made many trips with people taking there animals to the vets and picked some of them up afterwards upset at the loss of there beloved pet. But maybe he was doing the kinder thing rather than let the dog suffer any longer, but that’s not to say I could do the same thing myself.


Barnze said...

I reckon if you have a working dog it would not be classed as a pet,more a tool,Mind you shooting it would be nowt to a hunter!

bob said...

Yep you are right but I still think it would make a mess on the axminster when you shot it.

Barnze said...

Makes ya wonder if he ate it?