Sunday, December 4

Red Lady

Picked a couple up they had obviously been out all night,but they were both going to Walney Island the guy to the north and the lady a couple miles away to the south. When we stopped to let the guy out he leaned back into the car and said to the lady in a really loud voice "thanks luv best sex I have ever had"(He did use an old anglo saxon term really but I won't go there). He then shut the door and walked off she of course had to sit there for the rest of the journey she went very red and swore very quietly for the rest of the journey.


PHOTO said...

maybe she wasn't as impressed as he was!

adrian said...

A dirty trick, and I'd be tempted to tell her to flick the arsehole.

bob said...

well I think maybe by the way she was swearing to herself he would have got his just deserts next time they met up.