Saturday, December 31

The Interview

Today it felt like I had blundered into the set for a thirties murder mystery play. I was given a number to ring in regard to a job going to Yorkshire on Monday, when the guy answered he said I want you to come down and meet me I must access your character to see if you are trustworthy, this is a very important task I am setting you. And so a little while later I arrived at his large detached house and rang the bell. A chap of about sixty opened the door and said so you’re the driver then I replied yes and he just stood and looked at me for a full minute then he said right follow me. I was led into a house through rooms tastefully decorated with paintings and antique furniture and into a study sit down he said pointing to a chair in front of an ornate desk. The next few minutes were spent with him asking me questions and him writing down the answers, just simple stuff like address age etc, he then produced two printed sheets of paper with precise instructions and times including the code for an electric gate and where I was to park on arrival.” Right sign both copies please “he then went on to tell me that the task was to take a small antique table to the address in Yorkshire and then return with a passenger to an address printed on the instructions. But he said “, and this is very important you must hand this sealed letter to the passenger and tell her she must read it on the journey And so I was given the table and the payment on the way out, don’t know what to make of it really but I shall see what Monday brings.


Barnze said...

Could be spies..Could be!

PHOTO said...

A bit of mystery eh ;-)

Happy New Year