Friday, December 23

Black Eye Friday

We tend to call the Friday before Christmas black eye Friday round here. It's the day most people finish work for the Christmas holidays, they tend to finish work early about lunch time and they then head straight down to the pub for a long boozy session. I find it amusing when it gets to about four p.m I pick some of them up to go home and they are telling me what a good night they have had, they are convinced that because it's dark that it must be late at night. Once a year drunks I call them the worst kind because they aren't used to it, they take ages to get out of the car because you are their new best friend and they want to tell you their life story many times very slowly.
Still merry Christmas to all cheers.


Barnze said...

Merry Crimbo!

Cecilia said...


I know how it is to have an "instant best friend" after a "session"...."sometimes"!

Here's wishing you a merry set of holidays...and more "interesting" passengers to ride your way!


Love this observation: once a year drunks...the worst kind - so spot on..