Sunday, November 20


Talking to another driver today about tips and we come to the same conclusion. The more they moan about things the more they tip you, perhaps they feel guilty about bending your ear. And we have both had people who have really moaned about the fare and that it is far too expensive and then they give you a good tip! There’s nowt as strange as folk.

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Bill said...

I tend to find the more well off a person is then the more miserable they are with a tip. I had one such case when I took a man who was known to be a bit of a miser when it comes to money upto Hawcoat area of Barrow. The fare was £5.25p He gave me a £5 note, a 20p coin and 3 2p coins and sat there waiting for his penny change.

Next fare was someone who told me his wife was having a baby and how he was having to work extra hours for the money needed. This man was a pleasure to chat with and even gave me a 50p tip.