Sunday, October 23


Sunday mornings are always good for a laugh. I pick up all the people that wake up in strange places with a bad head. Funny how all the girls try to justify themselves they tell me even though I don’t ask that they stopped at a girlfriends house last night. One lady "and I use the word loosely" hailed me early Sunday morning" Leicester St" she says, but that’s only a hundred feet away I said "so five pounds Leicester St" she replied. We get round the corner and there’s the irate hubby waiting on the doorstep, she then makes a big show of handing over the five pounds to make sure he sees, must have been making out she had come from further away, devious eh!.


thekianafamily said...

Hello i was browsing and came across your blog i like the taxi stories i will visit again.

Piotr said...


Kelly said...

I was blog hopping today and came across your blog as well. I'll be returning to read often!