Sunday, October 30

Big Fella

The fare was a big rough fella he seemed a bit quiet, been fighting I asked looking at the scratches and bruises on his face. He said nothing for a while just looked at me. The girlfriend he said, yes what about her I said? She has too much to drink and she batters me I’m sick of it he said people think it’s me but no I just stand there and take it. That’s the third mobile phone of mine she’s smashed to pieces and about the tenth shirt she’s ripped to shreds. The next day she can’t apologise enough and always says it won’t happen again but it always does, I’ve had enough he said can’t stand it anymore.

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Bill said...

Why do people stay in violent relationships. I cant understand it. If it aint working out then get out. Every day you hear the same excuses like I`m only staying for the sake of the kids or because i love him/her

Why stay in a violent relationship